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Teachings in Moscow, Russia with Khenpo Chöying Dorjee (and Arne Schelling)

18 - 26 October 2018
All Day

We are happy to welcome Khenpo Chöying Dorjee to Moscow from October 18th to 26th.  Khenpo will present basic Madhyamaka principles and offer ways to students to apply these teachings through contamplation and meditation practice. He will base these teachings on Chandrakirti`s Madhyamakavatara and his auto-commentary.


In addition, Khenpo will also provide teachings on Lojong - mind training according to Atisha, and instructions on tonglen practice.


Russion translation will be provided.

Khenpo will be accompanied by Arne Schelling, who will do the review classes and Q&A sessions.

Khenpo Chöying Dorjee`s biography:


Khenpo Choying Dorjee was born on 27th Aug 1972 and studied at Dzongsar Khyentse Chokyi Lodro Institute for Higher Buddhist Studies in Buddhist philosophy, psychology, logic and debate.  His principal teachers there were Khenchen Kunga Wangchuk Rinpoche and Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche. Khenpo completed the full Dzongsar Shedra (University) curriculum and received the degree of Acarya in 2000. He became a Khenpo (PhD) in 2002 at Dzongsar Chokyi Lodro ​Institute and also received a Khenpo degree from His Holiness the Dalai Lama in 2004. 


Since 1999, Khenpo has been teaching at Dzongsar  Chokyi Lodro​ Institute and Deerpark Institute in India. For over 10 years, ​Khenpo has also been ​teaching​ in countries including Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and the United States. He h​as recently at​ the ​University of California (​Berkeley) ​at​ the University's invitation.


Khenpo Choying Dorjee’s Moscow Teaching Schedule

Talk: Who Is the Irritating One, You or Me? 

18th October (Thursday) 19:00–21.00

Do we find ourselves frequently confronted by ‘difficult’ people? Khenpo will present basic Madhyamaka principles to explore how thoughts appear as  irritating or pleasant and the potential to experience mind beyond such duality. 

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Talk: How to Milk A Painted Cow

19th October (Friday) 19:00–21.30

Chandrakirti, a famed Mahayana master, once fed the monks of his monastery by "milking" a painting of a cow. Did Chandrakirti master the power of alchemy? Or was this the result of his profound  realization of sunyata (emptiness)?

Talk to be followed by a Guru Rinpoche tsok.

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Seminar on Madhyamakavatara and Lojong

20-21st  October  (Saturday and Sunday)
10:00–13.00   Madhyamaka Teaching
13.00–15.00  Lunch break
15.00–19.00  Madhyamaka Teaching

22-25th October (Monday and Tuesday)
09:00–11.30    Lojong
18.00 – 19:00  Review session with Arne Schelling
19:00 – 22.00  Madhyamaka Teaching

26th October (Wednesday)
09:00–11.30  Lojong


Arne Schelling will accompany Khenpo, and will conduct the review classes and Q&A sessions. Translation into Russian will be provided. 

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