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Korwa Dongdruk Intensive Training in the Ritual for Guiding the Dead

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Siddhartha`s Intent Europe will be hosting the following program:

Korwa Dongdruk Intensive Training in the Ritual for Guiding the Dead

Dates: Оctober 14 - 23, 2019

Place: Casa Garuda 

Program language: English (no translation)

Cost:  €700 (includes all meals, shared accommodations - most rooms have their own bathroom) 

Ask for the application form:


If the conditions are met to have the number of participants (18) meeting the selection criteria - the retreat will take place and will be taught by Chris Jay.

Those who are primarily interested just in learning this practice should be aware that in the future Chris will visit some of the major SI centers or sangha regions, to explain and present Korwa Dongtruk as a practice for guiding the dead to those who have received the abhisheka (during a weekend program).

However, the 9-day intensive retreat in Italy is unique in that each participant will be extensively trained in each aspect (ritual leader, chant leader, shrine master, torma maker). The program will ensure that all participants are competent in each role through performing the complete practice two or three times each day. The program will also entail written and practical exams. Graduates of the retreat will be able to train people to assist or replace them when needed in their center or area when someone dies. This entails a real long-term commitment to lead and propagate this practice.

Participation in the retreat will require about a month of study and daily recitation prior to the program.

It is open to all who have received the empowerment wherever they live. Applicants should already be well grounded in sadhana practices (not necessarily Korwa Dongdruk). It is helpful if applicants already have experience as chant master, shrine master, torma maker or other ritual roles in group practice settings. Applicants should feel committed to becoming a resource for performing this practice within their local dharma community. Full participation is required.

Korwa Dongdruk is a revealed spiritual treasure of the great dharma king Chokgyur Dechen Lingpa (1829-1870). At the command of the treasure revealer the sādhana, entitled “All-pervading Benefit,” was compiled by Jamyang Khyentse Wangpo (1820-1892) in accordance with the view of the root terma text. Separate from its arrangement as a ritual for those who have passed away it can also be taken up as a personal sādhana practice.

Chris Jay was a monk in a Japanese Zen monastery for seven years prior to becoming a student of Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche. He has completed a traditional three-year-retreat under Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche at Vajradhara Gonpa in Australia. Subsequently, Chris was appointed by Rinpoche as the Dharma Gar West administrator and instructor, and has worked with Vajrayana practitioners in this role for many years.

If you are interested in participating in the retreat, please ask for the application form:  casagaruda2019@gmail.comMarie Crivelli, coordinator

foto (c) instagram - khyentse

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