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Do Tulku Rinpoche in Spain

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We are glad to announce that Do Tulku Rinpoche will be back in Casa Virupa this July. On this occasion, we have the privilege of him leading a retreat of Buddhist preliminaries (ngondro), open to all traditions, from July 20th to 22th.



From 26-28th October


According to the Buddha, we are treasure mines of amazing qualities. Endless source of joy and well being. We have been complete and pure from the beginningless of time, and even before the concept of time. Not having seen one's own face, we roam in this world wearing all kinds of masks. Awakenning, is all the Buddha wanted for us. In this age of superficial spirituality, it is indeed worrysome that the purity of our being could be wasted away on a materialistic aproach that entangles us further into this net of lies. 


During this retreat, we will attempt to go back to our root. To the Buddha, his Dharma and the Sangha. Because only by understanding them, we will come face to face with who we are. This is called preliminary/ngondro, because it comes before buddhahood.


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