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Do Tulku Rinpoche in Spain

26 - 28 October 2018
All Day

We are glad to announce that Do Tulku Rinpoche will be back in Casa Virupa this October.



From 26-28th October


According to Chogye Trichen Rinpoché, the concept and practice of bodhicitta is the heart of Mahayana Buddhism: a strong commitment to reach buddhahood for the sake of all sentient beings. The bodhisattva is a practitioner who has decided to partner with the bodhichitta and who perseveres relentlessly in the spiritual path because he or she understands that there is no time to lose and a lot to transform.
A genuine bodhicitta practitioner is a great renouncer, as well: he or she has decided to abandon their neurosis, the small attachments and the daily frustrations which are born from selfcenteredness, all for the sake of others. But it is so because he or she is aware that their best moments are connected to others and because essentially, “if it weren’t for all, nobody would be anything”. Understanding the precious opportunity of being for others is a good enough reason to awaken a bodhisattva’s courage.
However, this is no simple endeavor: in the journey, he or she will find obstacles, breeches and fears which might lessen their quest. That is why courage is an essential quality for a bodhisattva. Thus, courage is the drive, the support and the result of a bodhisattva’s practice. It is the lion’s roar (Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoché) that never gives its back, no matter the situation it is faced with.

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