Siddhartha's Intent Europe Events

Do Tulku Rinpoche and Arne Schelling in Switzerland

27 - 29 July 2018
6:00pm - 2:00pm

We are pleased to introduce our new meditation and study program with Do Tulku Rinpoche and Arne Schelling, which introduces you to the entire path of Tibetan Buddhism and its forms of meditation over several years.
Our aim is to pass on the following three points of the Buddhist perspective in a correct and well-founded way: we study in order to get to know our own mind, to better understand the environment and to acquire the necessary knowledge for meditation. We meditate in order to train and make our mind more conscious and to develop the qualities inherent in us.
The Buddhist research of the indwelling consciousness will naturally express itself through ethical behavior in relation to the environment, fellow human beings and other forms of life.
This course is open to all interested people, regardless of whether or not they feel part of a religion, regardless of whether or not they follow a particular philosophy of life.

The course starts with interesting background information about the principles of meditation, the historical Buddha, his knowledge and the development and spread of the different teaching cycles of Buddhism on our globe.
A special focus of this July course will be on the four noble truths.