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Bodhicharyavatara Teachings with Do Tulku Rinpoche & Arne Schelling in Berlin

18 - 20 September 2020
7:30pm - 5:00pm

In this study course Do Tulku Rinpoche and Arne Schelling will introduce into the timeless wisdom of mind training - as it is taught in the great vehicle of tibetan Buddhism. Do Tulku will teach each single verse based on an old Sakya commentary. Arne will explain some difficult or important points based on classical and modern commentaries by masters of all tibetan traditions. There will be also plenty of time to ask questions and receive practical instructions, to integrate these teachings into every day life. 

These two upcoming weekends (18.-20. September 2020 & 18.+20. December) will be mainly dedicated to the 6th chapter of Shantideva's text, dealing mainly with patience.

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