Do Tulku Rinpoche’s Schedule 2017

08 May 2017

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19.-20.08. Düsseldorf, Germany
Teachings on "What makes you (not) a Buddhist.”, "The Buddhadharma”, "The four noble truths."

25.08.-03.09. Halscheid (Germany), Arya Tara Dharma Center
The Complete Path (7 Years Training in Europe) under the umbrella of HH. Sakya Trizin:
Clarifying the Sages Intent (together with Arne Schelling)

12.-17.09. Thessaloniki (Greece) Karma Gyaltsen Ling
Public Teachings
29.09.-01.10. Churwalden (Swiss) Ganden Chökhor Ling 
On the Trail of the Historic Buddha - Introduction into the Basics of Buddhism, Part 2
(together with Arne Schelling)

06.-08.10. Mannheim (Germany), Ngagpa Haus Mannheim

Shamatha and Vipashana- Weekend
13.-15.10. Halscheid (Germany), Arya Tara Dharmacenter
History of Buddhism 
02.-13.11. Barcelona (Spain), Casa Virupa
Public teachings
01.-03.12. Halscheid (Germany)
Arya Tara Dharmacenter
Parting from the Four Attachments 
08.-18.12. Berlin (Germany), Buddhismus in Berlin,
Public evening Talks
Weekend seminar Bodhicharyavatara (chapter 3, together with Arne Schelling)
Weekend seminar on the 400 verses of Aryadeva
27.-31.12., Halscheid (Germany), Arya Tara Dharmacenter, 
Ngöndro Retreat for Ngöndro Gar Practitioners and other Practitioners
(together with Arne Schelling)


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Tara Puja Bir 2017

19 January 2017

 21-Day Arya Tara Puja, Chauntra, India (Mar. 23-April 12)

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Videos of Rinpoche's October teaching in Sujata

19 December 2016

Videos of Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche's October teaching in Sujata – Berlin, 8th January 2017

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Do Tulku Rinpoche

05 December 2016

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7.+8. January
Ngöndro Teachings in Aiguafreda/Spain at Casa Virupa,
14.+15. January
Ngöndro Teachings in Aiguafreda/Spain at Casa Virpua,

18th January

A teaching on Buddhanature at the Bodhicharya center in Berlin,
19th January
A teaching on the Dharani of interdependent origination at the Rigpa center in Berlin
20.-22. January
Heart Advice to Kublai Khan: Letters by the Tibetan Monk Chogyal Phagpa to then Mongolian King Kublai Khan and his Court and "Chimé Pakmé Nyingtik Tsok" in Berlin/Germany at Buddhismus in Berlin,
27.-29. January
A courageous and compassionate Heart in Hof Kuppen/Germany,
3.-5. February
Teachings on the four Seals in Thessaloniki/Greece at Karma Gyaltsen Ling,
10.-12. Feburary
courageous and compassionate Heart in Hof Kuppen/Germany,

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New Year’s Message from Rinpoche

25 May 2016