Our Vision

The vision of SIddhartha's Intent Europe (SIE) is held up by two pillars.

The first pillar is SIE’s intention to facilitate Dzongsar Jamyang Khyentse Rinpoche’s teachings and programs in Europe. SIE is set up to help students build a strong connection with Rinpoche and the Buddha Dharma through organizing teachings, practice programs, and contributing to a Buddhist culture in Europe.

The second pillar is the aim to preserve and transmit Rinpoche’s lineage in accordance with the greater non-sectarian Rime tradition for future generations of Dharma practitioners. This requires a long-term vision for all projects developed through SIE which includes study, meditation, and community events.

These two pillars- supporting Rinpoche’s European Sangha and preserving Rinpoche’s lineage for future generations- hold up the vision of SIE to benefit beings by helping Buddha Dharma thrive in Europe.