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SI Europe coordinates programs and teaching visits of Dzongsar Jamyang Khyentse Rinpoche in Europe. We also offer various seminars and webinars to help support the practice of his students.

This website provides all information on current SI Europe programs and events, including those offered through local groups, general European events, as well as online programs. If registration is necessary for an event or program, you will find all details on the events page.

Since SI Europe is not based in one physical location nor runs a center of it's own, the venue for programs and events may vary. We also encourage local groups interested in practicing together to get in touch with us for support.

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Do Tulku Rinpoche’s Schedule 2017

8 May 2017

19.-20.08. Düsseldorf, Germany
Teachings on "What makes you (not) a Buddhist.”, "The Buddhadharma”, "The four noble truths."
contact: birdmail@gmx.de

25.08.-03.09. Halscheid (Germany), Arya Tara Dharma Center
The Complete Path (7 Years Training in Europe) under the umbrella of HH. Sakya Trizin:
Clarifying the Sages Intent (together with Arne Schelling)

12.-17.09. Thessaloniki (Greece) Karma Gyaltsen Ling
Public Teachings
29.09.-01.10. Churwalden (Swiss) Ganden Chökhor Ling 
On the Trail of the Historic Buddha - Introduction into the Basics of Buddhism, Part 2
(together with Arne Schelling)

06.-08.10. Mannheim (Germany), Ngagpa Haus Mannheim

Shamatha and Vipashana- Weekend
13.-15.10. Halscheid (Germany), Arya Tara Dharmacenter
History of Buddhism
02.-13.11. Barcelona (Spain), Casa Virupa
Public teachings
01.-03.12. Halscheid (Germany)
Arya Tara Dharmacenter
Parting from the Four Attachments
08.-18.12. Berlin (Germany), Buddhismus in Berlin,
Public evening Talks
Weekend seminar Bodhicharyavatara (chapter 3, together with Arne Schelling)
Weekend seminar on the 400 verses of Aryadeva
27.-31.12., Halscheid (Germany), Arya Tara Dharmacenter, 
Ngöndro Retreat for Ngöndro Gar Practitioners and other Practitioners
(together with Arne Schelling)


Tara Puja Bir 2017

19 January 2017

 21-Day Arya Tara Puja, Chauntra, India (Mar. 23-April 12)

Videos of Rinpoche's October teaching in Sujata

19 December 2016

Videos of Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche's October teaching in Sujata – Berlin, 8th January 2017

Upcoming Events

Bodhicharyavatara Webinar

22 December 2017 at Online